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Marry Me! A Wedding Proposal Set Up

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RM 2,200.00

This out of this world proposal set up consists of several items:

  • Seven (7) Letters 40 inches Foil Aplphabet Balloons (MARRY ME) 
  • MARRY ME Mini Alphabet Set 
  • LED Light Box that says Will You Marry Me? 
  • Petals to form a heart shape on the floor 
  • 50 plain latex helium balloons scattered all around the room/hall 
  • Ten (10) pieces of 32 inches of Foil Balloon Heart Shaped 
  • Ten (10) pieces of 18 inches of Foil Balloon Heart Shaped 
  • 50 pieces of air filled latex plain balloons scattered on the floor 
  • 99 Rose bouquet. 

Note: This set up can be customized based on your budget. You don't have to get everything on the list. Do have a chat with us and tell us your idea and we will plan it together. You can whatsapp me at 012-6900439 (veronica).

Thank you.