About Us

Expressing personal feeling to connect with an emotion, that’s the main reason we give flowers and balloon as gift. It brings love, affection, joy, appreciation, romance, greetings or even apologies. Flowers and gifts connect two ways in the most elegant manner. To send and to receive, both parties enjoy the greatest love and share the joy in the journey of life. 

With the current logistic & digital growth, sending flower, balloon can be very convenient. Order an event set up as simple as just a few clicks away! Simply order with us, chat and plan with us in your preference theme and colour. 

Love Inspired pledge to assist in most convenient way, to deliver flower, balloon and event set up. 
Love Inspired 

Love Inspired created under years of experience started in wedding back in year 2010 under the roof of Wedding Cottage, Balloon Flower World and Balloon World Online. We combined the skill and friendly customer service in creating the most beautiful flower, balloon design and event in the most convenience and affordable manner. Love Inspired pledged as it’s name, all work done with love inspired. 

We deeply thank you for all orders and florist, balloon artist in supporting us.