Terms and Conditions

 Order Acceptance Policy

By placing the order in this website, customer acknowledges the order by giving full address and detail in accuracy. All orders and requests received are subject to acceptance by Love Inspired. Love Inspired reserve the right to reject order without providing reason. In the event of rejection by Love Inspired, full payment will be refunded in full via the payment method used to place order in this website.

Cancellation Policy

With valid reason, we accept cancellation for flower and gift order with at least one day advance notice. Full payment will be refunded via the payment method used in ordering in our website. 

Cancellation for balloon printing, custom or personalized service required for balloon and Event Set Up order are not acceptable. As personalization and factory production might be in progress already for your order, therefore we are unable to accept any cancellation. 

No changes to be made after visual confirmation received from your part. In the event of cancellation of balloon printing, personalized service required for balloon and Event Set Up order, payment made will NOT be refunded as we have carefully prepared all the items for you as well as printing the balloons and getting the materials from our factory for you. 


Delivery Orders

We provide same day delivery for flower and balloon with confirmation order by payment before 4pm within Klang Valley which is KL and parts of Selangor. Orders enter after 4pm should be deliver the next day according to the date and time slot selected by customer in the Check Out. 

For Event Set Up which is require our team to work on site, it is important to confirm your order in advance to secure our working schedule slot. As sometime we are occupied with another event set up at the same day and same time as yours. Do speak to us to confirm the timing available.

Note: For shops in the shopping mall set up before 10:00am, for example 7:00am, you are required to obtain approval from the mall management for our team to arrive and enter the mall premise before operating hours. Do obtain the informating on which loading bay are we supposed to enter to.

Love Inspired provide free installation and dismantling of event set up such as frame, backdrop, props etc. Our team will install the decoration or backdrop order and dismantling it after the event. During the event, customer is responsible to keep all materials in good condition and it should be as its quality upon receiving when our team dismantling and collect back the set up material. 

Do confirm the time your event starts and end and we shall arrange installing or dismantling the items.


Set Up, 

Do let us know what time can we do the set up. For example if you say we can do the set up at 3:00pm, we will arrive before 3:00pm to do it. However if the management or security said we can only do the set up after 4:30pm, then time is already mismanage as we need to rush off to do another set up elsewhere. So be very very careful and alert on this matter. We follow your instruction to the core. If you say 3:00pm, we will arrive before 3:00pm (around 2.40-2:45pm to stand by for you). Please liaise with your management or security before making the final decision to us. 

Dismanting item after event

For example if the event ends at 10:00pm, we will reach the venue around that time to dismantle the items. However if the event drags on until 11:30pm, additional charges apply as time is precious because you mention the event ends at 10:00pm and we followed your instruction to arrive at that time. If you said it ends at 11:30pm or 12am, we will then arrive at 11:30pm or eben later. So please double checn and triple confirm what time the event finishes.

The above scenarios are just few of the examples we encountered over the decade in the indusry. 

Standard basic balloon arch, balloon pillar, balloon drops etc are sold as it is. No collection or dismantling by us required after the event. Customer will require to dispose the items carefully and responsibly in helping the environement.   

Do take note that Balloon Printing service require around 10-14 days non peak season, for bulk quantity it might take up to 21 working days. It is suggested to plan in advance and place your order way early to avoid unnecessary stress on both parties. 


Changes Of Order

We are always ready to assist you in planning your event and pledge to serve you with the spirit of excellence. If you like to make any changes of your order, please contact us directly through call or whatsapp 012-6900 439

For balloon printing and custom or personalized service required for balloon printing, cancellation are not acceptable. As personalization and factory production might in progress, we don’t accept any cancellation. No changes are allowed after visual confirmation is made. 


Product and Substitution Policy

All products and services are subject to availability. In the event of shortage of material, flower supply, balloon supply and whatever goods required in the order, Love Inspired reserve the right to substitute a product with similar, equivalent value or higher and quantity as replacement without prior notice. We will do our best to provide the best quality of our product and service to you. 

 For special request like changing the wrapper colour, flower colour, balloon colour and etc, customers are most welcome to speak to our us. 


 All payment through our website under payment gateway supported by Ozopay. Just like iPay88, SenangPay. Ozopay is a licensed payment gateway service created by Merchantrade Asia, Malaysia’s largest fintech company to support merchants or businesses who are navigating the highly competitive e-Commerce landscape. All transaction detail in this website is fully protected. 

We accept all kind of Visa Card, Master Card from Local Bank or Overseas, local bank online transfer, most of eWallets such as Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Boost, Alipay, Wechat Pay (RMB), Shopeepay. 

 We never store or have any access to your credit card, debit card, banking or even eWallet detai. 


Prices and Additional Charges

All products price as stated in our website, Except Event Set Up, Transportation and Set Up fee to be applied separately via Whatsapp or email or text messages.. Please check with us on additional charges.


Delivery policy

Flower deliveries can be done from Mondays to Sundays.

We pledge to deliver orders according to the date and time slot selected by customer. However, Love Inspired cannot be held responsible if order arrives late due to any circumstances beyond our control example traffic condition (traffic jams or polis roadblock or tyre punctured), weather condition especially the current monsoon and flood season etc. Drivers/Despacth will have to be careful on the road during the rainy season. 

Customers are welcome to arrange self pick up personally or ask a friend or use Grab Express service with advance notice. Please take note to send items using Grab, you are to choose Express and not JustGrab or Grab Car Plus. JustGrab or Grab Car Plus are for passengers transportation only. Driver will NOT take items if you use that services. Drivers can only take items via Express. Do take note on this matter. Driver will have you cancel the incorrect job service and you have to rebook using the correct service. This will be an additonal waste of time on your side to get another driver as sometime Express drivers are unavailable. Do take note on this as we experience this ourselves so we know what to expect. It can be a little stressful. We know exactly. So our advice is not to leave it to the last minute and give ample notice for delivery issues as anything may go wrong. Because life is unpredictable, sometimes things may just go wrong. Sometimes.  

Return and Refunds Policy

To be eligible for returns and refunds, you should report your case within 1 hour upon receiving your flowers and is subjected to a mandatory review and investigation process by our Customer Support team. 

Do take note that we do not accept any complaint if balloon is burst or shrink after receiving of the order. No balloon shop can guarantee for any balloon to burst or not. However, we pledge to give all orders in its best condition upon delivery. 

Customer is fully responsible to handle and care of your items after receiving the orders. 

To submit your claims, kindly provide us your order number, pictures of the defective product, and valid reason. The return or refund subject to our approval. 


Contact number

Customer should provide us correct contact number for both sender and receiver or person in charge. We might contact customer, receiver or person in charge for verification and delivery issues. It is important that the detail includes contact number, correct and full delivery address. 

For example our delivery person or Grab driver reach the customer's place and the phone number given by you is inaccurate. The drivers will not know what to do if the security do not allowed the items to be stored in their office or on the table or the house gate is lock and worst the pesron is not home. Do respect the drivers time as they may have another job on hand and they cannot deliver the current order as the phone number or unit numner or house number is wrong. Imagine, the driver reach the destination and tried calling the number but it is invalid or he or she did not pick up his call. He will then have to call us and we then have to call you to double check. And what if you are currently unavailable and we can't get in touch with you. It will make the driver anxious and stress as he may have another job in his schedule. He may not deliver the item and move on to the next job with your items in his car or bike. We cannot guarantee whether the cake and flowers or balloon will be in good condition as he has left the location. Time is precious for every one. Please double check all information correctly. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter. It makes the delivery smooth and the drivers happy. 

Do have peace of mind that these details (address, etc) are private and will be hidden after the order is completed. Love Inspired respect the privacy, these detail will be safe with us. 

Contact Us

 Should you need to speak with us or arrange self pick up, please feel free to contact us 

 Love Inspired (SA0597840-X)