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Happy Birthday Psalm 92:10 Hot Air Balloon Bouquet with 9 Ferrero Rocher

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    This package consists of:
    • 1 pc x 16 inches Bobo Balloon (with 5 pieces mini balloons inside). Mini balloons colours based on your theme colour, example blue, red, green or mixture of colours.
    • 9 Ferrero Rocher

    No limits on the wording on the bubble balloon but we would recommend to keep it short as the longer the wordings, the smaller the font it will be on the balloon. 

    Important Thing To Take Note:

    1. Standard delivery service applies to building entrance for delivery drivers. You will require to collect the hot air balloon from the delivery driver at the entrance of the mall/condo/apartment lobby only. (Additional RM 5.00 for door-to-door service especially for high rise commercial building, shopping mall, condominium, hospitals etc.) Our team will contact you if additional RM 5.00 is required). We cannot confirm what time the driver wll reach your destination as it all depends on the current traffic condition and the weather that day.
    2. Delivery Schedule:
      Monday - Sunday: 10:00am - 7:00pm.
      Self Pick-up:
      AEON Big Subang Jaya: 10:00am to 7:00pm (Monday - Saturday) and 12:00pm to 7:00pm (Sundays)
      (For same day order, please allow at least 4-5 working hours for us to prepare your order. We shall be in touch with you for further clarification via WhatsApp if there is any).

    Important Balloon Tips:

    • Watch out for surrounding areas with sharp items (nails that are protruding, long pipes, etc) that can easily burst the hot air balloon. Always carry/hold the hot air balloon at your chest level with two hands. 
    • Make sure the hot air balloon bouquet are safely inside the vehicle before you close the car door.
    • It is advisable to put the hot air balloon at the front seat with safety belt attached to it. Do not put the hot air balloon bouquet inside the boot. Heat inside the boot will cause the balloons to burst. 
    • Don't let the hot air balloon bouquet get too near spotlights or air cond compressor.
    • Wind: It's hard to avoid wind sometimes but extremely strong wind can make the bobo balloon come out from the base.
    • Kids: Children will go wild and excited with balloons. Please keep the hot air balloon away from children if the party/event is for an adult party. We scared the kids may ruined or burst the hot air balloon before the party started. 

    Very Important note: 

    Kindly take note that once customer or the delivery driver has collected the balloons from our retail shop, we no longer hold responsibility (example the balloon burst or fly away) as we cannot control how a person handle the balloon once it leaves our shop. We appreciate your kind understanding on this matter.

    Thank you.

Psalm 92: 10 But You have made me as strong as a wild ox.