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  • Gold Tray
  • Flower Stand Prosperity
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  • Ribbon Colour
  • Gold Scissors & Tray
  • Gold Scissors
  • Ribbon Cutting

Launching Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Package

Regular price
RM 59.80
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RM 0.00
Sale price
RM 59.80

For customer convenient, this product created in packages. 

IMPORTANT: Do take note about the description and place order according to how many VIPs you have in your event. 

  • Width of the ribbon 38mm
  • Ribbon Colour: Red, Pink, Yellow Gold, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Lavender & Black
  • Red Ribbon by Default. 
    Other colour available such as Yellow, Light Purple, Green, Orange, Royal Blue, Pink, White, Silver & Black. Please contact us or leave a remark for the cholce of colour you want. If not mention colour of your choice, then Red Ribbon will be given by default.
  • Price with Gold Tray only ONE in one package. Example: 3 VIP with 19cm Dragon Gold Scissors, 34cm Gold Tray. It means you should have one set of ribbon for 3 VIP, 3 pcs of 19cm Dragon Gold Scissors & Only ONE 34cm Gold Tray. 

Package includes:

- (number of VIP) big 25 cm+/- ribbon flower ball

- (number of VIP) small ribbon flower ball for scissors (scissors not included)

- Gold Scissors 19cm Dragon Phoenix or 20 cm Tailor Professional Gold Scissors available with add on purchase. Gold tray not included. 

- Gold Tray, Only ONE Gold Tray will be given for one order/ Package. If you like to order more than one tray, please contact us to add on purchase

- length of ribbon to tie the big ribbon ball. Length in meter based on VIP package as below:

  • 1 VIP Package - 3 meter
  • 2 VIPs Package - 4 meter
  • 3 VIPs Package - 5 meter
  • 4 VIPs Package - 6 meter
  • 5 VIPs Package - 7 meter
  • 6 VIPs Package - 8 meter
  • 7 VIPs Package - 9 meter
  • 8 VIPs Package - 10 meter
  • 9 VIPs Package - 11 meter
  • 10 VIPs Package - 12 meter

Note: if you wish to have la onger ribbon to tie on your pillar, you can add on purchase RM 2.oo per meter. Please do speak to us before placing order as we can advice you further.

Order not include set up service. Customer wll tie the ribbon to pillar or arrange their staff to hold two ends during the actual ceremony.
Other product that you might need for the launching event are

  • Gold Tray for the Gold Scissors
  • Balloon Printing with Company Logo
  • Balloon Arch
  • Launching / Grand Opening Flower Stand
  • VIP Flower Corsage

VIP gift such as fruit box, flower box, etc.

You are most welcome to speak to us for via call or whatsapp whichever your preference.

TEL: 012-6900439. 

Thank you.